Tuesday 30 May 2017

ALPSP to offer sales for its members through the Aggregagent

ALPSP and Accucoms have announced a new collaboration that opens up the Aggregagent to a large number of ALPSP member organisations, and sees the relaunch of the ALJC (ALPSP Learned Journals Collection) as ‘ALPSP Collections’ within the Aggregagent framework. The long-standing ALJC used to be available through Swets until it ceased trading in 2014, and since then ALPSP has been seeking a new partner for this important benefit of membership.

Under the new model, participating ALPSP members’ journals will be available in a series of ALPSP Collections available for purchase by libraries, in addition to the broad and narrow subject classifications of the Aggregagent. The Aggregagent leverages ACCUCOMS’ extensive international sales network and brings much greater reach around the world for small and medium sized publishers.

If you are an ALPSP member and would like to find out more about participating in the Aggregagent then please contact to request further information. If you are interested in ALPSP membership, please contact Lesley Ogg (


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