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British Copyright Council - Director of Policy and Public Affairs


London / working from home


13 June 2017

Apply by

31 July 2017


The British Copyright Council was founded in 1965 to protect and promote the principles of copyright in the UK. We aim to to provide an effective, authoritative and representative voice for the copyright community, and to encourage greater understanding and acceptance of copyright in the UK and around the world..

The BCC is recruiting a Director of Policy and Public Affairs who reports to the Chairman and the Board. Supervised staff will bePart time General Manager and other freelance services.

Key Purpose

  •  To work with the Members of the British Copyright Council (BCC) and its Board andWorking Groups to  formulate and promote copyright policy.
  • To ensure the smooth running of all aspects of the BCC’s operations and administration and to make it an efficient and effective organisation.
  • To act as the BCC’s representative as and when required

Specific Duties


  • Oversee the role of the BCC in devloping policy
  • Monitor and research policy developments at UK, European and international level and
    report to Board and members;
  • Ensure the BCC responds to relevant consultations;
  • Attend all meetings of the Board, Council, Copyright and Technology Working Group and
    other ad hoc Working Groups (all held in London);
  • Working alone or with others to draft BCC responses to consultations and other
    legislative developments;
  • Maintain relationships with other organisations and with government for the purpose of
    monitoring and responding to policy developments;
  • Ensure proper member approval procedures for achieving consensus on responses are
    agreed and followed and ensuring members participate and contribute where possible;
  • Attend external meetings and represent the BCC on policy issues, either alone or with
    Board and Members;

Management /administrative duties

  • Supervise the General Manager;

Oversee, lead and implement the outcome of internal projects e.g. strategic review;

Membership Liaison

  • First point of contact for Members and for other non-member organisations which work with the BCC;
  • Develop membership by managing membership relations and developing/implementing a
    membership recruitment strategy.

Communication and enquiries

  • Preparation of press releases and liaison with press;
  • Prepare content for the website;
  • First point of contact for government;
  • First point of contact for press;
  • Only point of contact for members of the public..


  • Oversee the running of the BCC/WIPO Training Course* (a two week residential course for government officials from developing countries) including organisation, programme
    development, speakers, fundraising, hospitality, hotels and participant welfare, financial
    management, etc.*

* A separate fee of £6,000 pa is paid for organising the training course. This can be undertake by the Director of Policy and Public Affairs, the General Manager or a third party, to be agreed. 

The above outlines the broad duties of the role and the Board reserves the right to vary these duties to suit the requirements of the business.
Please email applications with CVs to the BCC Chairman, Trevor Cook, at, no later than 31 July 2017.

The job description and application details are also available here, on the BCC's website.


Basic hours of work: Per week: 21 (part time, freelance), Hours to suit but where possible within the normal working day of member organisations and government departments.Should be flexible as workload varies. Remuneration: £2,500 per month (£30,000 per annum)

Delegates at a Training Seminar

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